Mexico Insurance

Mexico Insurance Coverages

What do we cover? USA autos visiting Mexico, and Mexican autos visiting USA.

What are the benefits we offer?

  • Collision Coverage
  • Total theft and Comprehensive
  • Trailers and Boats
  • Special Equipment
  • Medical Expenses
  • Assistance Service, Legal Defense and Bail Bond

In the same program we have Mexico Insurance and USA Insurance. You can get a quote and get full support from our employees, we offer competitive prices. Elite’s service & international reputation, and quality recognition in Mexico. The companies that we carry are subsidiary International Group, Inc. based in the United States. It is the insurance and financial services leader and the greatest subscriber of commercial and industrial insurance in the USA. Their filial companies subscribe a great variety of commercial and personal insurance through through diverse channels of distribution in approximately 130 countries and jurisdictions.

Reasons we sell USA Insurance

– USA is the most road trip visited country by tourist

– Driving vehicles on US roads without insurance is against the law

Elite offers the USA Insurance for Mexican tourists or auto into the United States territory.


We’ll ask all the right questions, and make sure you get all the savings.

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